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A little bit of Stack Overflow irony

This isn’t all that important of a post, but the circumstances were a little bit shocking at first and then at least mildly entertaining to me, so I figure I’ll write down the story. Sometime in the last week or so, I crossed the 10k reputation threshold on Stack Overflow. I’ve had my eye on [...]

The need for wiki standardization

Selection paralysis I got to thinking lately about how I wish I had a wiki on my personal web site, because I want to do some quick’n’dirty semi-structured and richly linked writing to share with others so I can get feedback and input. I spent some time catching up on what wiki systems are best [...]

Minimum lengths for usernames. Wtf?!

I get bitten all the time with minimum username length requirements. The most common number that I bump up against is 6 characters, probably because my usual username is 5 characters so I wouldn’t hear about requirements of 4 or 5, and it’s obvious to everyone that requiring 7 or 8 characters is silly. But [...]

Jinni needs better Netflix integration

Read about the new movie recommendation engine Jinni on Techcrunch earlier today. I’ve done a few queries, and love the particularly rich axes along which they slice and dice the catalog of movies. They call their taxonomy the Movie Genome Project, and admit that it aims to do for movies what the Music Genome Project [...]

IE8 vs annoying social bookmark icons

Microsoft released Beta 1 of Internet Explorer 8 during MIX08. They’ve done some exceptional work during the 15+ months since IE7 shipped (passes ACID2 out of the box, implements some neat new JavaScript features, has moved the IE Dev Toolbar developer tools into the browser, and too many other things to list here). My personal [...]