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Killer robot star-collecting puzzle-game!

If you’re a fan of “transport puzzles” like Sokoban or Atomix, or possibly even some of the robot puzzles in Sierra’s classic Dr. Brain series, you might love one of my recent online discoveries: RoboZZle. (You may be prompted to install Silverlight in order to play, but it’s safe, easy, and well worth the download.) [...]

Tyler Hinman maintains winning crossword streak

Tyler Hinman was crowned champion for the fifth straight year at the annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament held this past weekend in Brooklyn, NY. He narrowly eked out a victory over fellow National Puzzlers’ League members Trip Payne and Francis Heaney in a dramatic final match.

Managing mental energy

A couple weekends ago, Jennifer and I went to Denver for the annual convention of the National Puzzlers’ League. I ended up enjoying it overall, but I got off to a difficult start mentally. In retrospect, my mental journey through the extended weekend o’ puzzles & games has taught me a lot about managing mental [...]

New York Times: Noah's Art

The June 1 issue of the New York Times included the 11th installment of their twice-annual Op-ed Puzzle. Sort of a miniature paper-based puzzle hunt, you first solve several themed puzzles, and then roll all of their answers together in one final metapuzzle. The series is produced by the trio of former Games Magazine editors [...]

Puzzle people unite!

Hey, all, I’ve been meaning to start down the road toward building up a community of all you puzzle people out there, whether you call your puzzle addiction Puzzle Hunt, Mystery Hunt, Treasure Hunt, Games Magazine, or The Game, I’ve set up exactly the site for you: Please check it out and give me [...]