About me

My favorite thing to do is to build technologies that make the universe more fun to use. My second favorite thing to do is learn new things. High tech provides a never-ending source of opportunities to do both.

I’m currently working as the top techie at Portland-based web start-up, Vidoop, whose mission is to provide better security for the entire web. While working at Vidoop, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the all-stars from all corners of the Open Web. Our shared vision is to enable users to carry their personal data with them as they surf from site to site without requiring today’s burden of redundant internet paperwork.

Before Vidoop, I was at Microsoft where I contributed to four releases of the Windows operating system and was the development lead responsible for the Windows Live Multimedia Search front end (including user experience and web infrastructure), as well as making sure our live site stayed healthy and available. I led a team of developers to shipping the first public releases for Live Image Search and Live Video Search, which still stand out as fresh new user experiences among the major multimedia search engines (for example, try out the infinite scroll in images, and hover-to-preview in video).


Building and leading technology teams to ship best-in-class software; broad and deep knowledge of technology and current tech trends; refining great ideas to get more adoption in shorter time; spotting opportunities to match up technologies that work better together than they work apart