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Simple solutions to stupid password policies

Roy Leban blogs about stupid password policies over at his thisUser blog. I’ve got some good news for Roy and his readers: I’m currently making a living turning all of the things that he rants about into relics of the unenlightened past. And while I have to concede that it’s a slow uphill climb, there [...]

OpenID concern #2: switching providers

One thing that concerns many people about OpenID is what happens if their provider goes out of business or if they want to switch to another provider for some other reason. At Vidoop, we believe that users deserve to always be in control of their online identity, even if it means that they’d like to [...]

The hard FAQs about Vidoop

There have been some good blog conversations lately about and Vidoop Secure (over at Judi Sohn’s Web Worker Daily review of myVidoop, or Carleen Hawn’s write-up over at GigaOM for example). There are several really good questions that get asked often. I figured I’d collect them all here so that I have one place [...]