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The need for wiki standardization

Selection paralysis I got to thinking lately about how I wish I had a wiki on my personal web site, because I want to do some quick’n’dirty semi-structured and richly linked writing to share with others so I can get feedback and input. I spent some time catching up on what wiki systems are best [...]

Microsoft isn’t the same company it was 10, or even 5 years ago

I was at lunch today with Chris Messina and some others from Vidoop, and somehow as often happens with me, we got into a very interesting discussion about the way Microsoft does things. In particular, Chris indicated some frustration with a lack of traction that he’s gotten with Microsoft in the past regarding technologies that [...]

IE8 vs annoying social bookmark icons

Microsoft released Beta 1 of Internet Explorer 8 during MIX08. They’ve done some exceptional work during the 15+ months since IE7 shipped (passes ACID2 out of the box, implements some neat new JavaScript features, has moved the IE Dev Toolbar developer tools into the browser, and too many other things to list here). My personal [...]