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A little bit of Stack Overflow irony

This isn’t all that important of a post, but the circumstances were a little bit shocking at first and then at least mildly entertaining to me, so I figure I’ll write down the story. Sometime in the last week or so, I crossed the 10k reputation threshold on Stack Overflow. I’ve had my eye on [...]

Minimum lengths for usernames. Wtf?!

I get bitten all the time with minimum username length requirements. The most common number that I bump up against is 6 characters, probably because my usual username is 5 characters so I wouldn’t hear about requirements of 4 or 5, and it’s obvious to everyone that requiring 7 or 8 characters is silly. But [...]

TSA "Black Diamond" dumbness

Despite how obnoxious they make the airport security experience, I try extremely hard to give the Transportation Security Administration a fair shake–I remind myself they’re mostly normal people who get searched when they fly just like the rest of us, I read their well-written and mostly credible propaganda blog, and I sit on my rants [...]