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We’re headed home

Everything’s looking good for both Jennifer and Nicholas, and we’re convinced we’ll get twice as much sleep at home as at the hospital (where doctors, nurses, foodservice folks, and even birth certificate clerks are waking us up even if Niko is not). So we’re headed out. Here are the two who are doing all the [...]

Happy zeroth birthday!

View Full Album Around 6:30 last night, Jennifer was experiencing what seemed to be increasingly serious contractions and suggested that we begin to make our way to the hospital. We wrapped up dinner (turned out she didn’t have much of an appetite by the time food was ready), and then headed up the hill to [...]

Favorite t-shirt series: Windows Genuine Advantage

As it often goes, I managed to get really busy with things other than my blog, and I began to neglect my favorite t-shirt series. The good news is that I had my wife help me take a bunch of t-shirt photos this morning, so I’ll be able to queue up enough to hold us [...]

Favorite t-shirt series: “the blibbet”

Microsoft is a really old company as tech companies go, and they’re on the third revision of their logo. Much earlier, the logo had a crazy capital-O that was, for some reason, called “the blibbet”. I scored a $7 clearance t-shirt that has the old Microsoft logo on it, complete with blibbet. The 1s and [...]

Killer robot star-collecting puzzle-game!

If you’re a fan of “transport puzzles” like Sokoban or Atomix, or possibly even some of the robot puzzles in Sierra’s classic Dr. Brain series, you might love one of my recent online discoveries: RoboZZle. (You may be prompted to install Silverlight in order to play, but it’s safe, easy, and well worth the download.) [...]

An antidote to lock-in in the cloud?

I’ve mentioned before that one thing that moderates my natural inclination to go gaga over cloud-based hosting for web applications is that there is, so far, no clean way exists to switch providers. Both Google and Amazon[1] argue that there are theoretical ways to abandon them for a competitor today, but for most business decision [...]

Shizzow featured on ProgrammableWeb

My Portland-area friends at Shizzow just got written up on ProgrammableWeb. They’ve just completed their big public launch, and will be lurking about at SXSW. If you’re going to be there, look up their whereabouts on their app, wander by, and say hello.

Videos posted from GC Summit 2009

Curtis Chen of Team Snout has posted his recordings of the talks given at Game Control Summit 2009.

Favorite t-shirt series: Pi aren’t square

Pi aren’t square, they’re awesome! Better than awesome—pimp, even! You can get this yourself an instance of this t-shirt and many other hilarious shirts from T-Shirt Hell. (WARNING: If you’re easily offended, you seriously don’t even want to look—they’re as irreverent as it gets.) There are not many of their shirts that I, personally, would [...]

Speaking of Freebase and Sunlight Labs…

A colleague of mine mentioned a post by a UC Berkeley professor, Raymond Yee where he illustrates for students of his Mixing and Remixing Information course how he brainstorms and develops ideas for his mash-up projects. It’s interesting to me that his post covers two topics that I’ve spent time talking about here: Freebase and [...]