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Group scheduling tool has announced an app design competition for applications built on their API. The winner gets a week in Zurich.  

Tyler Hinman maintains winning crossword streak

Tyler Hinman was crowned champion for the fifth straight year at the annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament held this past weekend in Brooklyn, NY. He narrowly eked out a victory over fellow National Puzzlers’ League members Trip Payne and Francis Heaney in a dramatic final match.

Favorite t-shirt series: MS Intern Game 2008

I’m exploring tweaking the rules that I’ve established for my t-shirt series. The funny thing is that I probably don’t even have to mention this, because I think I’m the only person that would even realize that I’m breaking any rules. When I came up with this idea, I was going to wear a different [...]

Microsoft Puzzle Hunt starts today!

The 12th quasi-annual Microsoft Puzzle Hunt just kicked off. Biggest changes so far are that each team can choose one of two groups to participate in: COMPETITIVE or RECREATIONAL. Teams who choose to be COMPETITIVE get the experience most like historical hunts: COMPETITIVE teams will have an experience consistent with past Microsoft Puzzle Hunts. Puzzle [...]

Sunlight Foundation seeks volunteers to open state legislative data

You’ve all heard me say before that every web site benefits from a data API. A corollary to that claim is that every site’s users benefit from a data API, and there are few domains where that corollary  applies more than in Government. The good news is that we lowly citizens have some strong coalitions [...]

Writing to Freebase with (Iron)Python

My mom was in town visiting this weekend, and when I went to demo Freebase for her, I asked her to name a famous person. She suggested Pope John Paul II, so we looked him up. Most of the information that you would expect Freebase to know about him, it did. But there was one [...]

App Engine good for some Real Work[tm] now

You no longer have to live in fear of the day that your application built on Google’s App Engine (GAE) actually becomes successful. Until now, if your application exceeded its daily quotas, your users would simply be turned away. You had no option to migrate off of GAE because of its completely custom execution environment [...]

Cool application of the New York Times API

@StevenWalling points out a quick write-up on Online Journalism Blog about a really slick real estate mash-up, Suburbified, that has been built using the New York Times Article Search API. To me, the coolest part about this isn’t the mash-up itself—it’s that a blog about jornalism news understands the significance of an old-school media company [...]

Favorite t-shirt series:

Those of you who read this blog (and my more technical blog API Guy) regularly know that I’m a huge fan of the open collaborative database This weekend, I recruited my mom (who is currently visiting from out of state) and my wife to ride along with me on the 6 hour drive (each [...]

Favorite t-shirt series: I’m a PC

I really think Microsoft is onto something with their retro t-shirt line. The shirts evoke feelings from an era before you learned to hate Microsoft. This post isn’t about one of those shirts. This post is about the current era. The one where many of you have decided to take sides with Justin Long. Well, [...]