Favorite t-shirt series: MS Intern Game 2008

I’m exploring tweaking the rules that I’ve established for my t-shirt series. The funny thing is that I probably don’t even have to mention this, because I think I’m the only person that would even realize that I’m breaking any rules.

When I came up with this idea, I was going to wear a different t-shirt every day for a year, and document each shirt on a site dedicated to the project. I never got around to building out the domain, and I quickly discovered that shooting and editing t-shirt pictures every day was a whole lot of work for a secondary hobby.

So in order to break the logjam, I simplified. I figured I’d debut 1 new shirt a week on Monday and retire 1 old shirt on Thursday. But I never got around to doing the retired shirts, and besides, I kinda like the shirts that I have from before I started this project. So the new rules are that I’m going to document at least one shirt each Monday, new or old, and I reserve the right to do another later in the week.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s classic shirt:


As many of you know, I’m an extreme puzzle fan. I spent this weekend up in Redmond, WA competing in the 12th quasi-annual Microsoft Puzzle Hunt. I like to wear puzzle shirts to Puzzle Hunt, so I wore this shirt.

It’s from last summer’s instance of the Game that some of us puzzle fans write for each summer’s crop of Microsoft interns. Game staff, including beta testers each get a shirt that says “Game Control” on the front. The back documents the locations and clues that we included in the event (click the image above for a bigger version).

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