A week and a half later

They say adjusting to life with a new baby is hard and mainly due to lack of sleep.  Well, the lack of sleep bit is definitely right, but thanks to many helping hands the transition is going a little bit smoother.  We actually have clean dishes, clean clothes, home cooked food, and can keep our eyes open for most of the day.

Nicholas has been doing great if getting up a bit more frequently than Mommy or Daddy are used to in the middle of the night.  Before he was born, we expected him to be a big baby since we were both over 9 lbs at birth, so we were surprised with his long and lean frame.  In fact, his Grandma T even got him a preemie outfit that he has worn a couple times.  But over the course of the week, he got his first bath, lost his umbilical cord, and is starting to round out a bit.  He has also christened Jennifer into the ranks of motherhood by managing to leak all kinds of bodily fluids onto her and her clothes during diaper changes and feedings. :)   He is a pretty awesome kid and it will be fun for more of the family to meet him.


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