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A week and a half later

They say adjusting to life with a new baby is hard and mainly due to lack of sleep.  Well, the lack of sleep bit is definitely right, but thanks to many helping hands the transition is going a little bit smoother.  We actually have clean dishes, clean clothes, home cooked food, and can keep our [...]

We’re headed home

Everything’s looking good for both Jennifer and Nicholas, and we’re convinced we’ll get twice as much sleep at home as at the hospital (where doctors, nurses, foodservice folks, and even birth certificate clerks are waking us up even if Niko is not). So we’re headed out. Here are the two who are doing all the [...]

Happy zeroth birthday!

View Full Album Around 6:30 last night, Jennifer was experiencing what seemed to be increasingly serious contractions and suggested that we begin to make our way to the hospital. We wrapped up dinner (turned out she didn’t have much of an appetite by the time food was ready), and then headed up the hill to [...]