Every week should be like this one!

I’m seriously having about the best possible week I could have.

It got started on Monday when our Biz Dev Veep and I went on a partner status trip. Our various partners are doing some very exciting things, and it was fun to spend some time with them in their own spaces.

Our mid-September myVidoop.com refresh is getting noticed by many new people every day. Our user count is growing daily, and we’re up to a much higher rate of user activity now that we’ve shipped the password management functionality. Firefox users already love our plug-in, and we’ll very soon be able to share the love with IE users as well. Safari and Opera users also don’t have to be patient much longer.

We’ve had a few good write-ups this week. Especially an article in Financial Week and a review of myVidoop in Web Worker Daily.

This coming weekend is Microsoft Puzzle Hunt 11.0, for which Jennifer and I are travelling back to Redmond and solving with the Mithril Battle Chickens.

And finally, Scott Kveton and David Recordon arrive in Tulsa this weekend to do some collaboration with our web team on the OpenID.net web site refresh. There are all sorts of exciting things coming up soon w.r.t. Identity 2.0 in general and OpenID in particular, and we’re all eager to get OpenID.net into tip top shape.

It almost seems impossible, but I think next week just might be even better than this one.

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