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OAuth coming Real Soon Now to Twitter

You each have a Twitter account (you should follow me), and unless you’re a card carrying member of the Paranoiac party, you’ve almost certainly given out your twitter password to some dumb site that, let’s face it, was so simple to write it could have been written by that nice gentleman from Nigeria that emails [...]

Who is API Guy?

Hey, everybody. I’ve been torn lately between tweaking my blog habits to provide more relevant content for my technical blog audience and tweaking it to provide less of the nuts and bolts technical content for my non-technical friends and family. I ultimately decided that I have enough content in me to sustain both, but that [...]

Freebase data race

The folks at Metaweb have been some incredible progress lately on Acre applications that make it really easy to quickly contribute missing data (such as “is this a person or not?”, or “is this person male or female?”) to topics that Freebase is unsure of. Here are the 3 that I currently know of: Typewriter [...]

Favorite t-shirt series: Startup Schwag

Did I ever mention that I’m quite the sucker for t-shirts? So much that I subscribe to a Silicon Valley t-shirt of the month club called Startup Schwag. They also send me stickers. But I’m only in it for the t-shirts. This month’s shirt is for a company called Yoono. It’s some kind of social-networking-tools-in-your-browser [...]

Infinite storage and bandwidth?

I was just thinking back to a time when I was in high school that I was excited that hard disk drive prices had finally dropped below $1 per megabyte, and 1 gigabyte disks had just been introduced. (Yeah—as in that 1 terrabyte monster you just built would have required 1000 separate drives and cost [...]

Favorite t-shirt series: on votes and cancellation

There are probably very few contexts in which this shirt applies, but I find it hilariously absurd. Not to mention it’s a reference to The Onion. You can get one of these or lots of other cool The Onion crap at The Onion Store.

Addicted to freebase(.com)

Intro to Freebase My evenings lately have been consumed exploring and tinkering with Metaweb’s Freebase. For those of you who have never heard of it, Freebase is a freely editable database that aspires to capture all of the world’s information in a structured, machine searchable format—sort of like Wikipedia, only for use by machines. It [...]

Favorite t-shirts: Video Games Live concert shirt

Jennifer and I trekked up to Seattle this weekend to go see the incredibly fun Video Games Live. Their music was awesome, and their t-shirts were overpriced and low quality. But I had enough fun with the event that I figured I’d add one to my t-shirt collection anyway.

Favorite t-shirts series: inaugural post

If you’ve spent significant amounts of time with me, you’ll know I have a t-shirt for every occasion. I want to start cycling some of the old shirts out of my collection and bringing in fresh new designs. I figure I’ll feel much less bad about ditching my old shirts once I’ve preserved the art [...]

Best IIW ever!

During the wrap-up circle at today’s IIW2008b (which is the acronym for this fall’s Internet Identity Workshop), Phil Windley said that this may not have been the best IIW ever, but that it was the best in a while. I admit that I didn’t start attending until IIW2007a, but this was definitely the best IIW [...]